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Germany: Mutiny in the Land of Wind Turbines

Spiegel International published an extended article by Matthias Shulz in July 2013 which took a long, withering look at the exponential growth of the wind farm industry in Germany and its effects on the country’s social and environmental fabric.

“For a long time”, hde writes, “the companies grew fat on feed-in tariffs, which provide guaranteed prices for green energy at above-market prices subsidized by the government via surcharges on consumers’ power bills. Indeed, an entire industrial sector developed into a subsidy giant. The result? Bloated firms with excess capacity.”

See the entire article here.


Photo by Rolf Haid. Original caption: Many Germans have a strong attachment to their forests and worry that chopping down huge parts of them to house wind farms isn’t worth the benefits they return or the loss in beauty and tranquility.