Kythira Wind Turbines Information

About us

We are an independent group of citizens looking for answers concerning the proposed creation of multiple wind farms on the island of Kythera. We envision a future for Kythira in which the natural and cultural environments are protected and promoted.

We are in favour of progress and the rational use of technology as long as they contribute to the welfare of the inhabitants of Kythira, the local economy and the island’s unique landscape, serving truly sustainable development. At the same time, we recognise the obligation we all share of contributing towards the restoration of the world’s climate.

Our goals are to inform residents, expatriates and public opinion and to promote a dialogue on the implementation or renewable energy sources on Kythira. We stand outside party politics and do not seek confrontation, looking rather for collaboration with all those who share our aspirations. Every person, group, association or company with an interest in Kythira is welcome to participate in our effort.