Kythira Wind Turbines Information

Resolution of the Network of Mayors about RES

The network of mayors against industrial wind farms, in which the mayor of Kythera, Efstratios Charchalakis, also participates, asked on 15 October 2021 the central government, among others:

Stop issuing new production permits since the existing permits already overwhelmingly exceed the requirements.

Evaluate all the permits that have not been implemented so far, with social, environmental, economic and cultural criteria in order to choose which projects can continue.

Areas that already have a large contribution to the country’s energy balance and areas where there are already large RES facilities should be excluded from further facilities. 

Wind farms should be prohibited in areas of special natural beauty (Natura 2000, archeological sites, reforested areas, etc.) or areas with strong tourist development.

In any case, the consent of the Municipalities and the Region, through their institutions, should be a non-negotiable element of licensing.

“The network of Mayors is an independent entity, outside and beyond party entrenchments, with a clear goal and orientation to prevent the uncontrolled, anarchic and oversized installation of wind turbines in their Municipalities, utilizing all tools to protect the value of their sites, in drafting an environmentally sustainable proposal, to interconnect with each other and with the European Network, to coordinate their actions and finally to interconnect the dominant wills of their local communities. “