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License Mermengari wind park revoked

The planned industrial park on Mermengari hill, nearby Mylopotamos, is now a thing of the past. This is because a letter of legal guarantee, as required by law, has not been submitted.

The recent announcement of R.A.E states:

“According to paragraph 7, of article 11A of Law 4685/2020: “7.a) The holders of production licenses for R.E.S and NGCCP stations, Producer Certificates, Special Projects Certificates, which have been issued before the entry into force of this or will be issued until 15.4.2022, including pending applications for the granting of a Production License, Producer Certificate or Certificate Special Projects, for which a complete request for the granting of a definitive connection offer has not been submitted by 15.4.2022, must provide a Letter of Legal Guarantee for Producer Certification by 15.4.2022, in order to keep the Production Licenses, Producer Certifications or Special Projects Certifications valid or in order to evaluate pending applications.

The responsible Administrator posts notices on its website, with which the applicants are informed of the determination of the completeness (or incompleteness) of the relevant requests for granting a definitive connection offer for implementation.

In the case of submitting a joint request for the granting of a definitive connection offer, the completeness of the request for granting a definitive connection offer is judged separately for each station.

In case the Letter of Legal Guarantee for Producer Certification is not submitted by the above deadline, the Production Licenses, the Producer Certifications or the Special Projects Certifications, as well as any license issued for the station and related to the above licenses, automatically cease to be valid, while the pending applications are rejected”, RAE posts on its website the Table of Production Licenses / Producer Certificates / Special Projects Certificates which automatically ceased to be valid on 16.04.2022.”

This specific industrial wind farm did not meet important siting criteria, as it was located within a declared archaeological site (Leska), the wind turbines were less than 500 meters from settlements (Lazarianika), less than 1500 meters from the traditional settlement of Mylopotamos, and less than 1000 meters from tourist accommodation in the area, in line with the zoning defined for R.E.S. All of the above were stated in the request for reviewing to R.A.E and the request for anulment filed at the Athens administrative Court of Appeal for this specific project.

We have 6 industrial wind farms remaining, against which we will continue to fight in all fronts!