Kythira Windturbines Information

Mega wind turbine near Avlemonas

Not even a Minoan sanctuary is safe. On 10-2-2021, the company Aigaiolectriki Stefanas Attica requested from RAE a production license for a 3,5 MW wind turbine in the area Sopota (about 2 km North of Avlemonas, just below Agios Georgios hill). It is an application for either a huge Nordex N117 wind turbine with a total height of 200.3 m or an Enercon E-138 with a total height of 180 m. The top of the turbine is going to be towering above the Minoan sanctuary on top of Agios Georgios and from Avlemonas people will have an unblocked view to it.

To understand the relationship with the Kythira scale, the bell tower of Myrtidia is 20 meters high, the tallest building in Greece, the tower of Athens in Ampelokipi is 103 meters and the maximum allowed building height in most settlements of the island is 7.5 meters. According to Greek legislation, the permitted percentage of coverage of island municipalities by wind turbines is 0.53 standard wind turbines per 1000 acres. The 278 km2 of Kythera fit 0.53 X 278 = 147 wind turbines.

This means complete destruction of the island as it is now. Until now for 60 wind turbines a production license has been granted and soon the licenses for another 50 are expected. And we foresee more new applications for other locations on the island. With the latest law, Hatzidakis L.4685 / 2020, production licenses can be issued in a very short period of time. The law speeds up the procedures of energy projects. At the same time, 38% of the money of the recovery fund is directed mainly to the companies that trade so-called “Green energy”.

The entire island is in immediate danger by the interest of energy contractors and this actually applies to the whole of Greece. What is the next place that will be sacrificed?

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