Kythira Wind Turbines Information

More wind farm production licenses issued

New production licenses for windfarms on Kythira for in total 132 MW were published on the 26th of August 2021. The permit has been applied for by “Terna Energy Sa – Vector Wind Parks of Greece, Windpark Troulos and dt Aeolic Park Troulos OE”.

50 Wind turbines were licensed within the NATURA 2000 area in the northern part of the island and 5 gigantic of 6,4 MW each and 250 meters high turbines in the area of Finikies. These are among he highest onshore turbines in the world.

The energy madness on the island continues, as does the companies insatiable lust for profit, and consequently the destruction of nature and the island. So far we have reached 282 megawatts with production licenses while the energy needs of the island are 4 megawatts on average.

What if the Natura 2000 area is in danger? No one cares.

However, as it was recently written in a financial newspaper, “The three new wind farms will come to further strengthen the portfolio of Terna Energy, which is constantly growing, further widening the distance from the competition. The Group currently has, in Greece and abroad, wind farms 1,374 MW in operation, 397 MW in construction or ready for construction and in licensing 5,132 MW.

Based on the latest data from Eletaen (lobbyists for the wind energy industry) on the dynamics of wind energy players in the first half of this year, Terna Energy led the race with 703 MW, – 665 MW in 2020 -, followed by Ellaktor with 482 MW, while Enel Green Power was at a distance of 368 MW – same as 2020 -. 

In other words, the portfolio is strengthened, and meanwhile nature and the life on the island are in danger just for the benefit of the companies interests.

In Kythira the struggle for the nature and the character of the island continues. The inhabitants know and fight for the good of their homeland and the future of the island and not for the portfolios.

Let us all strengthen the legal struggles that are taking place, and be active for the good of Kythera.

Source: Dynamo Kythira