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Open letter 60 celebrities

From the Kathimerini 12-10-2020: a letter signed by 60 important personalities and friends of Greece regarding a key issue, which could undermine the future of Greece. It was  sent last Tuesday to the Prime Minister, the relevant ministers and the Pissaridis Commission and it covers a wide range, from environmental protection and culture to trade, industry, shipping, services, tourism, construction and the world of science,

The letter was written by Michael G. Lakovidis and Lydia Karra in collaboration with a team of the Hellenic Society of Environment and Culture. Through this, the government is called upon to add to the Greek economic plan a clear formulation of the need to work out a regional and local development strategy that will balance the environment and tourism.

Leading personalities and friends of Greece point out in the letter that in terms of tourism, “the government should focus on sustainable development so that we can bequeath a country that has not been deforested by uncoordinated investment initiatives. The challenge for the public administration is great, but the risk is also great “.

Click to read the letter (in Greek)