Kythira Wind Turbines Information

Solar parks instead of wind farms

It is clear that achieving the climate targets requires the deployment of large-scale renewable energy. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that wind energy is the best solution. In the case of Kythira, large solar parks might just be the perfect alternative for the proposed wind farms.

Solar panel efficiency continues to improve while costs keep falling. In 2010 solar energy was 2,5 times as expensive as onshore wind energy. But in recent years solar became 1,5 times cheaper than onshore wind energy . This is a global weighted average. With the abundance of sun on Kythira the difference will be even greater.

Unlike wind turbines, solar energy need not be a burden on nature but can instead contribute to biodiversity. Solar parks can be build with respect for the cultural-historical value of the landscape and can also be combined with the maintenance, restructuring or establishment of areas with ecological values.

And of course the negative impact on health, property values and tourism is much smaller than is the case for wind turbines.

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