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Aigaio Wind park project rejected

A major victory for Greece’s anti-wind parks movement and a heavy defeat for the wind energy industry, is the rejection of the request for environmental permitting of the “Aigaio Project” by the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The decision closes the door on the transformation of the 14 islands in the southeastern Aegean, known as the “Galapagos of the Mediterranean”, into a giant wind farm.

The unprecedented initial design of the project concerned the creation of three Wind Power Plants (ASPIE) with the installation of 106 wind turbines, height 150 to 198.5 meter, on 14 islands, between Cyclades and Dodecanese, with an installed capacity of 486 MW by the company Cycladic Meltemia SA, which belongs to the Greek interest group Eunice Energy group (EEG).

The accompanying projects included, among others, the construction of 70 km of road network, 14 ports, 14 heliports, a number of buildings, reservoirs, etc. and the installation of permanent bright lighting at night. The project, which was entirely located in 10 areas of the Natura 2000 network, 4 Special Conservation Zones and 6 Special Protection Zones, had provoked universal opposition from 14 environmental organizations and scientific bodies.

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