Kythira Windturbines Information

Fundraising – how to contribute

It is now possible to financially support the legal fights against the installation of industrial wind farms on Kythira.

The Kythirean Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA), has opened a bank account which enable its friends, members as well as anyone else who wishes so, to contribute.

Kato Livadi
80100 Kythira, Greece
ΙΒΑΝ: GR2301103800000038000241984


We are appealing to everyone who loves and cares for the natural and cultural environment of the island to donate. Any financial contribution, no matter how small or big, is invaluable.

A receipt will accompany each bank deposit.

KIPA is a Social Institute that has been founded, under Presidential Decree 1363/14.9.06, therefore it is subject to the state legal auditing, as well as inspected by the Governing Board of the Trifylleion Foundation, which enables a comprehensive audit control.