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EU Guide on wind energy and nature

A guidance document published 18-11-2020 by the European Commission on wind energy developments and EU nature legislation.

This document provides an update of the 2011 Commission guidance on wind energy and Natura 2000, as planned in the action plan for nature, people and the economy1. An update of the guidance was considered necessary as EU policy and legislation on renewable energy and wind energy technology(especially at sea) has developed greatly since the guidancewas first issued. In step with these developments, knowledge on the impacts of wind energy on biodiversity as well as good practice for addressing these impacts hasalso expandedsignificantly. In view of further drastic expansion of wind energy in the context of tackling climate change on the one hand and growing pressures on biodiversity on the other hand, guidance based on most recent insights and good practices on reconciling the respective policy goals and targetsis essential.

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