Kythira Windturbines Information

KIPA a valuable ally

Press Release Dynamo Kythira:

The movement of Kythirian Citizens, Dynamo Kythira, has been created by residents of the island 14 months ago, who realized the enormous danger posed by the reckless and largely illegal production licenses for Industrial Wind Farms on the island, issued by RAE. Dynamo is constantly striving to inform the inhabitants of the island about the destructive work of the wind turbine companies, for the sole purpose of making profit.

For this reason we have informed the residents with 7 events in villages of the island and the plan was to visit each village (since the threat concerns the whole island). But unluckily, due to the Covid-19 virus, the gatherings were temporarily stopped.

However, with a constant presence on the internet and Press Releases, we tried to inform both the residents and the friends of Kythira around the world about the companies’ plans. At the same time, we organized court appeals of residents and associations of the island, which were filed separately and independently, from the respective appeals of the Municipality and the Domestic Wealth Board (Enchorios). The amounts for the court costs were collected with the help of the participants in the appeals.

We participated in online meetings of scientists who were well informed about the situation Kythira, while at the same time we participate in the Panhellenic Network of Energy Associations. From this participation we have acquired but also given valuable knowledge and information, while we have made known worldwide the uniqueness of the natural and cultural identity of Kythira, for which we are constantly fighting.

Dynamo Kythira now has a valuable institutional ally! KIPA (Kythira Foundation for Culture and Development) always a pioneer in the actions for the development of our island and its inhabitants, comes to provide valuable assistance in financial management. KIPA and Dynamo agreed on the following: KIPA declares to Dynamo, that it expresses its support for the struggle for the protection of the natural and man-made environment of Kythira and promises any necessary support within its possibilities. KIPA has set up a special account at the National Bank of Greece for the deposit of the collected amounts. In case of any need for money, Dynamo, through its legally authorized representative, will address the also authorized representative of KIPA to receive the necessary amount. All the dispositions of money from the special account of KIPA for the fight for the protection of our island will be obligatorily covered, as provided by law, with legal documents.

The struggle for the protection of Kythira against all kinds of threats is long, it has a long past, it also has a future. But the people of Kythira, wherever they are, have always shown that they love their place. They have the courage and boldness to fight. With knowledge and respect, they have created institutions to frame and support their fights.