Kythira Wind Turbines Information

Municipality votes to proceed with legal appeal

At a meeting on 14-02-2020 of the Kythera Municipality’s Finance Committee, chaired by mayor Efstratios Charchalakis, the first step was taken towards a legal appeal against the Energy Regulatory Board (RAE) decision to grant licenses on Kythera.

Shorn of legalese, the minutes of the meeting, reproduced below, state that following an examination of the relevant legislation and a debate on the subject, the five members of the committe present (5 of 7) voted unanimously to entrust the municipality’s legal appeal before the Energy Regulatory Board (RAE) against any decision to grant permits for the production of electricity by means of Wind Turbines anywhere on the island of Kythera to the Athenian attorney Antonios Semitekolos. Semitekolos is the mayor’s long-standing legal advisor.

Below the minutes of the meeting in Greek.