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Nationwide mobilization sent a message of solidarity

On Saturday, June 26, 2021, the nationwide mobilization for energy took place in Athens, with great participation, following a call from the Panhellenic Network of Energy Collectivities, which was supported by eighty-six (86) more collectives, from all over Greece. The rally in Monastiraki Square was followed by a march, through Athinas and Stadiou streets, to Syntagma.

The widespread support for the mobilization, which was also expressed by the physical presence of members of the above collectives – residents or from many different areas – indicates the deep concern that prevails , due to the uncontrolled development of energy activities throughout the country and the catastrophic results that accompany (environmental, economic and social). At the same time, it is a “product” of the initiatives for the coordination of the actions, among which stands out the establishment of the Panhellenic Network of collectives for energy, in November 2020, in the known very difficult conditions.

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