Kythira Wind Turbines Information

Necessity of establishing an energy community in Kythira

The municipal councilor of the faction, “Prota o Anthropos”, made a statement regarding the energy landscape that has been formed in Kythira. In detail, the statement of Mr. Magoulas: “The messages that arrived in recent days regarding the intentions of large companies to create wind farms in Kythira are not encouraging. After a dynamic beginning of the involved bodies of the island, about this time last year, everything looks the same, essentially nothing has changed. But in this day and age, societies are changing rapidly and so are their needs. Political directions are changing and so are political priorities. 

We have lost valuable time. To stand as a local community, in the face of the need for alternative forms of energy, so simply, without making plans, would not be wise or smart. It would not be fair to future generations but also to ourselves. We must take matters into our own hands, we the inhabitants of Kythira, we the little ones, with the strength we have. Against the interests of large companies we must promote the interest of our own small society.

There is only one solution. Immediate Establishment of an Energy Community with as partners the Municipality of Kythira, the Domestic Wealth Board and the inhabitants of the island. Let us, and not the outsiders, define the size, the quality and the quantity of the means of alternative energy. To have an alternative proposal and close the doors to the coming invasion. Let us define what is sustainable for our island. To shape the future by laying a solid foundation in the present.”