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Offshore Wind park threat Antikythira

On 31-10-2023 the Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA) announced at an event held in Athens, the Offshore wind energy development program. The fact that the same Company in charge of managing hydrocarbon mining investments, is also responsible for the development of offshore wind parks is contradictory to say the least and raises reasonable questions.

In this program, 23 Areas of Organized Development of Offshore Wind Farms are designated for implementation of the projects in the medium or long term.

Between these areas is THE SEA AREA WEST OF ANTIKYTHIRA, which is virtually in contact with the area of NATURA GR0000008- EZD ANTIKINYTHIRA, PRASONISI AND LAGOUVARDOS whose importance in terms of migratory poultry, seabirds and marine mammals was highlighted by the Special Environmental Study (EPM) which very recently was placed for consultation with the general public.

Comments can be submitted to the public consultation of the Strategic Environmental Impact Study which lasts until 30-11-2023 in the email The study is available for download here:

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