Kythira Wind Turbines Information

The Energy Community is established

The participation of the Municipality of Kythira in the establishment of an energy community was voted unanimously at the Municipal Council meeting of 24 January 2023.

It was preceded by a unanimous decision of the Municipal Council, according to which the “cross-party Committee of the Municipality of Kythira for Energy Issues” was established. This Committee is represented by the three municipal factions (Charalambos Sougiannis – deputy mayor/coordinator, Nikolaos Magoulas, Georgios Didymiotis), by the KIPA (Ioannis Travasaros ), by the EEPKA (Dimitrios Panaretos) and by two private specialists (Manos Vassilakis and Spyros Michalakakis).  After investigating the current institutional and legal framework for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), the committee unanimously agreed on the proposal for the creation of an Energy Community, which in the first phase will have the Municipality of Kythira and its related services/activities as key members, with the prospect of expanding this activity in the near future and beyond the narrow municipal contexts (to local businesses and citizens).

Following the preparations of the cross-party Committee, a draft statute was drawn up, based on which the corporate composition of the energy community includes (as minimum required by law) 6 members, as listed below with the corresponding percentages of participation in the cooperative capital:

The Municipality of Kythira with 40%

The Enchorios Periousia with 20%

The National Observatory of Athens with 20%

The University of Western Attica with 10%

Potamos Agricultural Cooperative with 5%

The Agricultural Cooperative of Livadi with 5%.


The Municipal Council approved:

The participation of the Municipality of Kythira in the Energy Community of Kythira

The contribution of € 12,000, which corresponds to 40% of the Cooperative Capital

To authorize the Mayor of Kythira Mr. Efstratios Charchalakis for any further action.


The production of energy in Kythira through the institutional framework of the Energy Communities began to concern public opinion as an alternative solution – a response to the planned massive installation of pharaonic wind turbine parks on the island. More specifically, large investment companies have applied to the Energy Regulatory Authority for licensing for over 100 wind turbines. The foundation stone for the creation of an Energy Community in Kythira was the teleconference held on Saturday 27 March 2021 at the initiative of Citizens’ Movements and the participation of Institutional Bodies of Kythira, Kythira Associations and Agricultural Cooperatives of the island (who declared their undivided support and intention to participate in the Energy Community) but also experts on the energy transition.


Read below the decision of the Municipal Council as well as the constitution of the energy community (both in Greek).