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Violence against Tinos protesters

When push comes to shove, the Greek government has made it clear that it will use the full powers of the state to protect the interests of investors in the current campaign to seed the country with industrial wind farms. On Tinos, one of the Cycladic islands targeted by wind power companies, the government sent units of the notorious MAT riot police from Athens to ensure that despite protests by residents, the cement mixers and heavy plant sent by the Energiaki Kykladon company (Ενεργειακή Κυκλάδων ΕΠΕ) to construct wind turbine foundations were able to get through.

The riot police reacted with violence against protesters, irrespective of age or sex, resulting in several injuries and at least four arrests. Further assistance to the company was provide by the island’s Police Headquarters, which issued a two-day traffic ban across the island to facilitate the heavy plant movements. Representatives of opposition parties and MPs have protested the violence, and even the president of the local New Democracy party has written to the authorities referring to “the unbelievable events which took place today on our island and the violence displayed by riot police against women, the aged and simple citizens” and demanding an immediate end to the situation.


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