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Wind Bag of Aeolus

Sometimes you have to open the windbag of Aeolus and unleash everything hidden inside.

You cannot conceive the beauty or the ugliness of this world when you are observing it from a distance. You have to approach, dive into its depths and explore…it is only then that awareness and objectiveness are acquired.

The main objective of this Greek documentary is to shed light on the environmental, financial and social consequences of this policy and the aftermath of the so-called “high priority” investments supported by huge subsidies.

While following this objective numerous questions were raised.

Is this energy policy the essence of green growth and if so, could this be considered a truly sustainable form of development?

When examining the environmental aspects, one could wonder about the following: Which are the spatial criteria for selection of areas of installation? Under what kind of environmental assessment sites like forests, conservation areas, sites near traditional settlements or historic sites are approved as suitable? Why are those environmental assessments carried out mostly by private companies and not by scientists, and how are their results validated? Which are, if there are any, the obligations of the wind farm owners considering the removal of the turbines and the restoration of the environment and who sees that it is actually carried out? In other words, is this really a strategy or a predatory way of harnessing renewable energy sources? Could green energy under these circumstances ever be actually “green”?

Watch below the short Greek Documentary Wind Bag of Aeolus: